The Exciting Benefits of Reading Novels

Tips For Finding Books For Your Teen

If you have a teenager, you might see them doing pretty much anything besides reading books. You likely know the benefits of reading regularly, including increased reading comprehension and writing ability, but now you need to figure out how to get your teen interested in reading. You likely know that the first step is making sure that you are helping your teen find books that he or she is interested in. Here are some tips for finding the books that are going to capture your teen's interest and increase his or her love of reading.

1. Pay Attention To What Types Of Movies Your Teen Likes

There are numerous ways of finding books for your teen but the easiest way is to see what types of movies that your teen likes, so you can find books or movies on similar subjects or with similar characters. Talk to your teen and have him or her write down seven to ten movies that he or she has really enjoyed watching. Then, talk about why he or she liked the movies. Your teen might have liked the topic of space exploration in one movie and the strong female protagonist in another movie. Your teen might have enjoyed the love triangle or been interested in the mythology of the world that was described. Write all of these details down.

Then, go to a librarian with this information to see what he or she recommends. The librarian is going to be familiar with the books that are available currently and be able to point you in the right direction.

2. See What Your Teen's Friends Are Reading

Another good option is to talk to your child's friend's parents. They might have ideas as to what their own children are reading and be able to give you suggestions. Your teen is going to be more likely to read something if his or her friends have already vetted it. It will also help your child to continue reading if he or she can discuss parts of the book that he or she loved with friends to reinforce how enjoyable the experience was of reading it.

3. Get Books That Have Had Movies Based Off Them

Finally, you can encourage your child to read by getting him or her books that have already had movies based off them. Your child might have enjoyed those movies and will be more willing to try a similar book.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in books for teenagers.